Hello, I'm Harold Sosna, your Profit Acceleration Specialist at Profit Propulsion Consulting. Here, we have one focus: helping small businesses like yours maximize profits. We use advanced strategies and software to analyze your business, pinpointing small changes that can lead to big growth and higher profits.

About 25 years ago, I started a healthcare business from scratch. It wasn't easy, but it grew into a company worth over $100 million. The journey had its ups and downs. We faced an economic downturn, industry challenges, and even COVID-19. I made some tough choices, some of which I regret, and learned valuable lessons the hard way.

Why should you consider working with me? I've seen both sides of success. I've built a thriving business and also faced setbacks. These experiences taught me a lot about business and resilience. They make me uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complexities of today's business world.

I offer a 45-minute free session to show you how we can increase your profits by $100,000 or more, without additional marketing costs. We'll look at your business, find inefficiencies, and plan strategies to get you ahead in a competitive market. We'll show you the pathway that leads to creating a Position of Market Dominance (PMD). 

My experiences have taught me humility and the importance of learning from mistakes. And the necessity of putting those behind you. Learn and move on. Now, I'm focused on helping other business leaders succeed. Your success is my goal. I measure my success by only one factor. Your success.

Reach out today. Let's work together to grow your business and achieve your goals.

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